Innovative Marketing Technologies

3D Virtual Tour
Virtual tours are immersive 3D renderings which allow prospective clients the ability to view properties in 360 degrees. Clients may virtually walk through properties, much like Google Street View, anywhere in the world and even experience a space in Virtual Reality (VR). This service paired with our unique ability to cater to your needs, creates an innovative, unique, and luxurious experience.
Cinematic Video Production
People say “a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million”. With the development in technology and social media, videos have become a necessity to all industries. Odyssey Virtual uses the top industry selected technology to create an innovative and captivating way to market.
Drone Photography & Videography
Drones create remarkable perspectives and invaluable content. Odyssey Virtual uses the top industry selected technology to provide high quality 20 MP photography and up to 5K video quality. Odyssey Virtual is fully Transport Canada Certified (Advanced RPAS), and actively holds 4 million dollars in liability drone insurance.
Architectural, Airbnb, Rental, and Real Estate Photography PEI
Professional Photography
With the development in technology and social media, professional photography has become a necessity to all industries. Odyssey Virtual uses the top industry selected technology, paired with highly advanced photo editing software to capture experiences.

RPAS Advanced Drone Company

Odyssey Virtual is a fully Transport Canada Certified drone company. This means Odyssey pilots have completed and hold: Basic Ground School certificates, Radio Operators Certificates, Class 4 Medical Certificates, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Certificates (RPAS Basic and RPAS Advanced), Visual Observer Training, and four million dollars in liability insurance.

These certificates and training allow Odyssey Virtual to operate drone flights within restricted airspace created by airports and other externalities. This means we have the capability to legally fly drones within the restricted airspace created by the Charlottetown Airport.

Odyssey Virtual is a verified drone vendor with the Government of Prince Edward Island. Pilots comply with all laws, regulations, and guidelines to ensure all drone operations are conducted safely and legally. Certificates and drone documents can be made available upon request.

Odyssey Virtual: Marketing in Modern Times

Our 3D Virtual tours offer a unique perspective. With the use of our technology you can now open up the doors to any location and share it with the entire world. Using a series of photographs from several locations we allow any user with an internet connection, on any device, to navigate seamlessly throughout any environment. The tours themselves have an easy to use interface, making it effortless for anyone to experience. We have created something that is similar to Google Street View except that it is private, and 100% curated around your experience and your location. Businesses, institutions, parks, and real estate around the world are being revolutionized by VR tours.

Creating a virtual tour is easy, first we quickly walkthrough the location picking out vantage points for the tour. Next, we use our camera system to capture photos in every direction. After the photos are taken we stitch together the images and build the tour. Lastly, we host the finished tour on a cloud server so that it can be shared, embedded, and used the way our clients want.

Our clients have used our virtual tours for real estate open houses, university recruitment, and teasing tourist experiences.

Photo and Video Equipment

Odyssey Virtual utilizes the top industry standard equipment and technologies. Professional high-end Canon full-frame DSLR cameras are used for photography and videography.
Our cameras can film 4K and capture 30 MP resolution content. Odyssey uses a variety of high-end camera lenses depending on the situation and the project.
Wide angle lenses are a necessity for Real Estate and architectural photography/videography because the lens captures a larger perspective of the space, while interview style footage is best captured with a medium zoom lens.
Professional camera stabilizers, tripods, lighting, camera sliders, and other camera accessories are used to ensure quality professional content.
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