PEI's top property marketing company.
Every property has a story to tell.


PEI's top property marketing company. Every property has a story to tell.

#1 Real Estate, Airbnb, Property, and Rental Marketing Company in PEI
Years in Business
Odyssey Virtual has been in business for over 6 years! 
Drone Certified
100% Transport Canada Certified, Legal, and Insured Drone Pilots
Properties Filmed
700+ PEI Properties Filmed in 2022 for Real Estate Sales and Marketing

How We Can Help

Odyssey Virtual helped market over 700 properties in 2022 for Prince Edward Island real estate. In today’s competitive real estate and rental market, we offer clients the opportunity to grow their brand, build credibility, and 'wow' prospective renters by creating professional marketing content. Every property has a story to tell, Odyssey Virtual can professionally display your property's story using innovative marketing techniques. 

You only have seconds to attract potential renters before they move past your listing. This means cheap production and marketing techniques will drastically lower your success rate. What would you like to build your personal brand legacy with? Phone photos or professional architectural photography, videos, drones, and virtual reality? Airbnb conducted studies that show properties using professional media services are able to capture customers faster, receive more views, and make more money! In this competitive market, we offer hosts and renters the opportunity to stand out from competition and build success.
"The finished product was better than we had hoped and we have received a lot of great feedback from our guests . Great work Odyssey!"
Steve Arnold
Around the Sea
Canada's Rotating House

Service Packages

The prices below are excluding applicable HST charges and are applicable to any standard home or property. Due to the variety of unique job opportunities we receive, often times a custom quote is necessary for larger or specialized projects.
$ 250 dollars
+ 30+ photo's
+ Exterior and interior
+ Photo editing
+ Close up detailed shots and wide angles
+ Drone photography included if applicable
$ 250 dollars
+ 8-15 photo's depending on the property
+ 45 to 90 second fly-over video
+ 1080P resolution unless otherwise requested
+ Photo/video editing
+ Custom branding

Video walkthrough Tour
$ 275 dollars
+  1.5 to 3 minute walkthrough video
+ Interior and exterior video walkthrough
+ Drone video included if applicable
+ 1080p resolution unless otherwise requested
+ Custom Branding
+ Custom Branding
+ Custom Branding
Airbnb/Rental Package
$ 400 dollars
most popular
+ 30+ MLS photo's
+ 1.5 to 3 minute walkthrough video
+ Exterior and interior photography
+ Exterior and interior video walkthrough
+ Drone included if applicable
+ 1080p resolution unless otherwise requested
+ Custom Branding
Mike is creative and hard-working, he has built a large network of connections on P.E.I. It’s evident he takes a genuine interest in his clients, and he loves what he does!” 
Matthew McKenna
Director of Sales and Leasing

The Odyssey Virtual Process

1. Communication

Our process begins by communicating with our clients to ensure we understand the key features to highlight and market in each property.

2. Planning

Next, we schedule a time that works best for our clients. Property owners can be onsight with us during the shooting, or can allow us to enter the property via lockbox or other process of entry.

3. Shooting

Upon arrival, we will scope the property, ensure all the lights are on, and ensure the home is staged properly. The shooting process can average between 1 to 3 hours depending on the size and scope of the project. 

4. Production

Lastly, the intensive post processing begins. The final product is usually delivered within 48 hours of shooting depending on the scope of the project, and can be sent in whichever form is prefered by the client (ex. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).  

Transport Canada Certified Drone Pilot


Our Technology

360 VR 3D Tours Prince Edward Island
3D Virtual Tour
Virtual tours are immersive 3D renderings which allow prospective clients the ability to view properties in 360 degrees. Clients may virtually walk through properties anywhere in the world and even experience a space in Virtual Reality (VR). This service paired with our unique ability to cater to your needs, creates a luxurious new experience. 
Professional video production company | Charlottetown | Summerside | PEI | Halifax | Moncton
Cinematic Video Tours
With the development in technology, video tours have become a necessity to all industries. Odyssey Virtual customizes videos directly to your needs whether you are selling, renting or marketing. Cinematic video tours are often bundled with drone and 3D services to create an easy and captivating way to market
Transport Canada Certified Aerial Drone Company | PEI | Nova Scotia | New Brunswick
Drone Photography
& Videography
Drone photography and videography create remarkable perspectives. These services are typically bundled with cinematic videos and 3D virtual tours to create an all-inclusive experience for clients. Drone technology is now the best way to capture views from the sky!
Professional Real Estate Photography Company PEI
People say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Studies show that properties that use professional photography receive on average 118% more views online. With the development in technology and social media, professional photography has become a necessity to the Airbnb and rental industry. Odyssey Virtual uses top industry selected tripods, tripod heads, wide-angle lenses, DSLR cameras, lighting, photo editing software, and a combination between HDR and flash photography.